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Do your students teach any classes?

No, we do not allow students to teach any class here at Villa Dance Company. Our instructors have a student helper present in the room to assist with class activities, technique correction and help with shoes. Certified instructions will always be in charge of your children's dance & tumbling education. 

When is registration?

Registration for our summer programs opens in May. Registration for annual classes usually begins in early August for new students.

At what age do you start dance & tumbling lessons?

We currently offer instruction to boys & girls ages 3 an up. Children need to be 3 years of age by fall of the registering year. 

Do children need to be potty trained?

We prefer that all children are out of diapers. Pull-ups may be worn in our youngest classes.  

Do males attend dance?

Our studio has several male dancers. We offer co-ed classes and a boys only hip-hop & tumbling combo. Our male dancers have participated recreationally and competitively in ballet, jazz, tap, clogging, hip hop, and tumbling. 

What is classroom attire?

All students must be in proper shoes for the class style and clothing designed for movement. Leotard, tights, leggings, spandex clothing for females, snug tee shirts and athletic clothing for males. Teachers need to see body lines for accurate and effective teaching. Check our policies for the complete dress code. We require specific brand and colors of dance shoes. 


How long is the dance year?

September through June. We also offer a variety of summer classes in a more condensed schedule.


Are children always placed in classes according to their age?

We initially try to place children in classes according to their age. However, if we feel that the student needs to be in another level, we will move them accordingly.

How is level placement decided?

Our syllabus is set up so that students spend approximately 2-4 years in each "level" based on their age and experience. One year to be exposed to the curriculum and the following year(s) to add and master the steps learned. Each class is individualized towards the student(s) technique & skill level and will advance as the year goes on. Currently we have preschool, boys, level's 1-7. Being in level 7 does not mean that is the most technical class, each level progresses towards the students potential. For example: level 2 could be working on harder class material than level 5 because of student abilities or attentiveness to learn.


When is tuition due?

Your tuition payment is due online at the first of each month. Please note that we do not send out bills. We will e-mail you a reminder notice if we have not received your payment by the 10th of the month. There is a $15 late fee that is added after the 10th. Auto pay is a convenient payment option and can eliminate any late fee's. See the parent log-in for a link to our billing system!

Is recital mandatory?

Participation in our end-of-the-year recital is optional. Students not participating in the show will continue in class and will learn the routines just as others do, but are not required to purchase costumes, attend pictures or dance on stage. 


Do you spend the entire year working recital?

We focus on our recital routines December-April. Stretching, warm-up & technique are always included within the months of learning choreography. We want our students to look and feel their best on stage. 

Do you host competitive team try-outs?

No. Our Company Team dancers are hand selected by instructors. Students are evaluated inside the classroom and at performances. Areas such as ability, technicality, stage presence, classroom attendance, overall attitude and receptiveness are all factors in choosing a competitive dancer. 

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