Meet Our Staff

Commit to the Lord 

whatever you do,

and your plans will


Proverbs 16:3

We are pleased to provide a certified 

faculty that strives to enhance a child's

life in an encouraging and caring manner

while creating a supportive & enthusiastic

atmosphere. It is our mission to create a

positive, loving & fun learning environment

where students become aware of their

own unique potential, always feeling self confident & inspired. We are here to serve you.

Our teachers prepare their own, up-to-date syllabus for each class, striving for student growth & advancement and for the greatest learning opportunities for your children. We feel it is vital to stay current within the dance community, keeping up on education, the progressing art form and it’s teachings to provide students with our own unique method of instruction, style and choreography. 

Rachel Johnson director_instructor.jpg

Rachel Johnson is an Atlantic High School graduate and has a degree in business administration & management from Iowa Western Community College. She has 20+ years of dance teaching experience, is a certified instructor with accreditation’s from Acrobatic Arts and Alixa Flexibilty and many years of award winning dance routines and students. Always having the desire to transcend, Rachel looks for opportunities to advance, develop and refresh her teaching qualifications to better serve our students. She is married 9 years to Erik, who is employed by Cass County EMS. They have 3 handsome sons, Issac, Noah and Abraham. Rachel is also the manager at Aunt B’s & Bonnesen’s 5 & 10 and the owner of Eleven O Three Clothing Company. Rachel’s impressive organization, composure and patience with the children make her one of a kind. You’ll never see her distressed when she’s surrounded by her students and always seems at ease with the task at hand. Outside of work, Rachel enjoys shopping, camping, fishing & boating with her family and spending time with their two dogs, Dottie & Ellie and cat Charlie. 

Fun fact: Rachel was an only child growing up! Now she is blessed with two brothers and two sisters. 

Favorite Verse: Jeremiah 1:5

Haley Pelzer Co-Director_Instructor.jpg

Haley Johnson-Pelzer graduated from Atlantic High School and completed Barbizon Modeling and Acting School. She has 20+ years of dance instruction under her belt, with just as many years performing. She was a member of Midwest Vision Dance Crew, along with being an accredited instructor and accomplished choreographer. She is also a certified Progressive Ballet Technique instructor, beach body live dance coach and has new dance teacher training certifications outlined for this year. Over the years Haley has choreographed for numerous high school activities & dance teams and has taught in several workshops from Omaha to Des Moines to Kansas City. One of Haley’s theory’s is to always take part in instruction herself, she believes a teacher will do their best when they are always learning themselves. Haley persistently partakes in dance workshops, conventions and dance intensives. Her goal is to always be in training, to never grow up & grow tired! She is married 15 years to Casey Pelzer who is a local teacher & pastor. They have been blessed with two daughters Gracey Mae & Nelley Jae. Haley is also a Phlebotomist at Cass County Health Systems. She loves working with people, both young & old and she doesn’t know a stranger! Her true passion is creating: bringing unique pieces into existence. Whether it’s choreography, music, routine concepts, clothing, hand crafted items, photography or decorating, she strives to be original. Haley is a dog lover, having 3 included in their household, she also loves time with her family & the ministry adventure they have been privileged with. 

Fun fact: Haley was crowned Miss Iowa Teen USA 2002 and represented Iowa at the nationally televised Miss Teen USA pageant. 

Favorite Verse: 1 Thessalonians 5:12-18

Gabby Johnson.jpg

Gabrielle Johnson graduated from Atlantic High School and is a certified CNA. Her youth years in dance & tumbling combined with countless years of stage work for our annual recitals has lead Gabby to become a trained Acrobatic Arts instructor and she has gracefully taken on the task of Acro Tumbling instruction for our studio. Her classroom management skills and teacher-to-student positivity has made a large impact on our Acro Tumbling program and we treasure the values she continues to bring to VDC. Gabrielle also works full-time at Heritage House as Activity Director, where she devotes time coordinating activities for the residents in assisted and independent living areas. Gabby most recently took on a major role within our company clothing store, Eleven O Three Clothing Co. Keeping us in style, she coordinates retail, keeps up with operations, marketing and other industry recourses. Her creative eye and keen sense of fashion has made her a vital part in this new business adventure. Gabrielle is married 5 years to Jeremiah Johnson (a true mountain man) and together they share a dog, Murphy. Gabby’s endless joy and happiness is simply contagious. You’ll never know a bad day when you’re around her as she loves life and all those who surround her, this makes her a favorite amongst our students and parents. She is just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside! Gabby also likes spending time outdoors, hunting, creating bohemian art, she loves cats, fishing, and time with her family. 

Fun Fact: Gabrielle is a twin! 


Favorite Verse: Ephesians 2:8

Nicole Rhoderick.jpg

Nicole Korpela-Rhoderick graduated from Northwest Missouri State University with a degree in Theater Performance and an emphasis in Choreography. She comes to us with a multiple accomplishments and a large background of dance experience, with years of studying ballet, jazz, tap, lyrical, hip hop & clogging. She spent all of her youth competing in dance as well as many of her adult years teaching, coaching & choreographing award winning soloists and group competition routines. She has spent the last six years coaching an Omaha High School Dance Team, choreographing pom & hip hop pieces and winning state runner-up for many of those years. Nicole has been employed by The Rose Children’s Theater in Omaha as an actress, dancer, choreographer and teacher as well as dance captain of their main stage shows. Nicole now has her teaching certificate and Master’s degree in Elementary Education and is currently employed by Westbrook Elementary in Omaha, NE as a Kindergarten teacher. Her husband Erik is also employed by Westbrook Elementary as a Special Education teacher and blending in well with our VDC family, he is an avid outdoorsman! Along with bringing her kindness & calm nature, her love for children and expertise in many areas, Nicole is most excited to introduce the art of clogging to our students! In her spare time, Nicole loves to act and be in musicals! She also enjoys rooting for the Huskers when she is not busy teaching. 

Fun Fact: She is a National Champion Clogger! 

Favorite Verse: Romans 12:9

Linda Johnson Office & Accounts Manager.

Linda Johnson (the Mother of our tribe) is a graduate from Atlantic High School and was also an IWCC Reiver. She has been employed as a studio receptionist for more years than she can count. She is married 41 years to John Johnson, who is a local career firefighter and paramedic. Together they have 6 children and 5 grandchildren. Linda works full-time as a Direct Service Provider for The Mentor Network, REM Iowa. With her unique eclectic hippy style, she also manages Eleven O Three Clothing Company. Linda handles sales, business operations, customer service and retail requisitions like a well seasoned pro. “Sweet Peace” is one of Linda’s entrepreneurship’s. Salvaging old collectables and creating hand crafted original & eccentric decorative arts are a passion of hers. Momma Linda is a true servant, always giving more time to others than what she spends on herself. Whether it’s a materialistic item, delicious food spread, advice or love, she has a selfless heart, always willing to be there for others. She constantly encourages and uplifts, with intentions of improvement and happiness. In her spare time (that she doesn’t usually have) Linda enjoys time spent with her family, camping and cooking for others.

Fun Fact: Linda is a talented kitchen barber. She has spent many years cutting and styling the many men & friends of the Johnson family. 

Favorite Verse: Proverbs 22:6

Villa Dance Company also employs Student Assistants. These amazing kids help our instructors during class time.

A vital key to our Company, they act as an extra set of eyes, hands and another heart to care for our students. 

We are proud of the hard working, loyal and loving role models we have hand selected to help mentor your children.