Our Policies

Villa Dance Company was established to provide you & your children with a safe, fun, positive and professional studio. We believe that you can learn to dance & tumble without being exposed to inappropriate movements, choreography or costumes. We use all genres of music, but carefully screen it for offensive language. We hope your experience here is fun & rewarding. You may contact us with any questions or concerns at 712-243-4770, or villadance@mediacombb.net.


Classes will begin Tuesday, September 8th 2020



Please note that street shoes, jeans, or inappropriate street clothing should never be worn for ANY class. All female students are required to wear appropriate dancewear (leotard, sports bra, dance shorts, skirt or leggings and tights). Cover ups must be removed at the start of each class. Male students are to wear athletic wear.


Tuition Payment Policy

Registration Fee is $25/child and due upon registration. (Last year students have already paid reg. fee/New students will need to pay) Payment for monthly tuition is due the first week of each month. It may be paid automatically, online, placed in the drop box by your child or mailed to the studio. You can pay your account online though our website www.villadance.com under the online account tab. A $15.00 late fee will be added after the 10th of the month. We accept checks, cash, debit or credit cards. We offer Automatic Payments with a debit/credit card or bank account and highly encourage all families to sign up. All auto pay accounts are ran on the first of the month. To be on our automatic payment list, let us know. Tuition is based on a yearly amount, divided into 9 equal payments. Holidays, vacations and missed classes do not change your tuition for that month. All payments are non-refundable. There will be a $20.00 service fee for returned checks.  *Family Discounts- 2 or more children enrolled 10% off monthly tuition. Any account that is more than one month past due, enrollment will be suspended until the account is current. 


Bullying/Harassment Policy

Villa Dance Company does not tolerate bullying/harassment in or outside of their studio by students or families at any time. Villa Dance Company reserves the right to terminate enrollment if this rule is violated.


Newsletters and Notices

All important information is e-mailed out, sent in text, posted on Facebook and displayed at the studio. We will E-mail all information this year; please be sure to check it regularly and inform us if your e-mail address changes at any time.


Holiday Vacations  

The studio will be closed during the following dates;             

*Thanksgiving Break- November 23-27

*Christmas Break- December 21-January 3

*Spring Break- TBA 

*Memorial Day- May 31



Good attendance is vital for success! Absences will not be deducted from tuition fees. Students missing 5 or more classes after February 1st may be asked to sit out of recital routines or pay for private lessons to get caught up. Atlantic students who are absent from class due to illness or other reasons may join in on class at home with our live stream. 


Class Observation

All of our classes are closed to in person observation. Atlantic families will be able to use our secure live streaming service. Audubon families we are working to be able to bring live streaming. In the meantime, we will work with families to set up Zoom or FaceTime into class for any quarantined dancer missing more than 2 classes in a row. 



In the case of inclement weather, tune into KSOM/KS95 and KJAN. We will also update our Facebook page, send out a mass text and email.



Villa Dance Co. does not carry medical insurance for its students. It’s the parent’s responsibility to have their child covered on their policy in case of an emergency or illness. Your personal insurance plans are your only source of reimbursement. 


Class Placement

Students will be placed in class according their ability, not necessarily by age. Our instructors make the final decision for proper class placement. Our program is not like school where a child will automatically advance each year. Our syllabus is set up so that students will spend a minimum of 2-4 years in each level. One year to be exposed to the curriculum and then the following year(s) to master the steps and add in new skills when presented. If we had students move up a level each year, they would be in the senior-high class at age 9. To be more specific, we cannot have 15 levels of dance, unfortunately there are not enough days of the week to allow for that. When we see a child has shown progression and is no longer being challenged, we add in new skills within the class. If a child shows great advancement at any time, we may move them to the next level. As a rule, we typically like to keep children together with familiar classmates. This creates teamwork, good relationships and solid routines each year.


Lost and Found

Villa Dance Company is NOT responsible for lost or stolen items. Please do not bring valuables. We will keep items that have been left behind for one month. After that time, they will be given to a needy child or the Salvation Army. 



All choreography at Villa Dance Company is copyrighted. Anyone wishing to perform a routine or part of a routine that has been choreographed by a staff member, must obtain written permission to do so. This includes performing in talent shows, at nursing homes or other places.


Withdrawal Policy

If you are withdrawing from a class, please contact the office immediately to fill out the necessary form. You will be charged, and are responsible, for tuition for classes until an official drop form is filed to the office. You are registering for a yearly commitment; this commitment can be broken; however, you will need to sign the drop form. Please be aware that the current month tuition at the time of the change, is non-refundable.


Illness & Health Concerns

Please call and inform us when your child will not be attending class. If your child is running a fever, missed school, been exposed to COVID-19 or a family member have been diagnosed, has an infectious disease or head lice; please keep them at home. Our staff is certified in CPR, first aid and are certified mandatory reporters.


Waiting Area for Students

There will be no waiting area for students this season to minimize the amount of people in the building at any time. Students must be dropped off and picked up promptly. 


Annual Recital

We are proud to have an annual recital to display the achievements of our students. Recital is not mandatory, but is the main highlight for the students. Our recital will be held at the Atlantic High School Auditorium in June. There will be a $25 non-refundable recital fee for each child, along with costume deposits.



Current students, we already have your costumes from the current year. They are safely hanging in our loft. We will evaluate sizing and make any changes with the company if possible. Most costumes are paid with only a few families who will need to take care of their costume invoice as soon as possible. It will be listed in your account if you have a balance due.  All NEW students for the 2020-2021 season will need to buy their costumes in September or upon registration. We will need to get them ordered promptly to assure availability. We will measure your child for sizing and have photos available to send you for each costume. Once you have committed to the dance year, we will file the charges onto your account. Each class/style of dance will have a separate costume with the exception of pre-school and level one ballet/tap/tumbling classes, they have two, a ballet and a tap/tumbling costume. 


Studio Expectations

*Please arrive no more than 5 minutes prior to class. 

*Please be properly dressed for class. Dance bags with sealed water bottles only come into the classroom. All other items are required to be left in the cubbies or in the car. 

*Students are to quietly wait upon entry for class.

*Stretch upon arrival as to not disrupt the class in session.  

*No food may come into the studio. Water bottles must remain inside dance bags.

*No street shoes are to be worn on the dance floors.

*No smoking or foul language is permitted in or around our facility.

*Cell phones need to be kept on vibrate and inside dance bgs. If phones become a problem in class, they will need to be left in the car.

*Students aren’t allowed in the classroom without a staff member.

*Students who are not properly dressed in dancewear for class and do not have their hair up will be asked to sit out.

*No bullying of any kind will be tolerated. 


Student/Parent Conduct

Villa Dance Co. reserves the right to dismiss any student or family at any time for inappropriate behavior. We will not tolerate bullying or vulgar language. We are proud of you for representing your dance company with kindness and respect.



Return to Class Plan  

Villa Dance Company will follow government and CDC guidelines for safety and prevention to help comfort and reassure our VDC families as well as reduce viral spread within our buildings. We will do all we can to protect, prevent and perform professionally. 

After speaking with our dance teacher association, other studio owners and following our state recommended guidelines, our "return to class safety plan" was collaboratively created. It has been read, approved and applauded by Cass Co. Public Health and also by our local healthcare provider. If current situations change, we will make adjustments to our plan as necessary.  


Prevention Procedures: 

-Observation windows, lobby & waiting area will be closed.

-Door drop off & pickup only. This is to eliminate extra bodies coming in and out. ----We are adding a closed-circuit TV system for parents to watch class through an app on their phone from their car or from home.

-Drop off should be no more than 5 minutes prior to class start time with prompt pickup after. For social distancing rules we cannot have students hanging out in the lobby before or after their class. 

-To start off our season, we will require students to wear a face mask inside our buildings. We will provide every student with an adult or child size VDC logo cloth mask. (Students may also wear their own). Additional masks can be purchased for back up as well. We have hosted our Company Team practice this summer, dancers have worn masks up to 3+ hours, instructors for 6+ hours dancing and all have done wonderfully! For children who simply cannot wear a mask, we will offer the classes online, to stream from your home. Physical indoor activity with as many as 22 bodies in one room will create significant risk of spreading COVID-19 through heavy breathing or coughing if an infectious child were here without knowing they were ill. Social distancing will be encouraged but there is always a risk when movement is involved. Although masks may be annoying, we feel like this may be the only reassuring way we can help reduce transmission. We will go all out to help prevent an outbreak or a studio shut down because of quarantine. We are praying as time goes on and the situation changes, some precautions can be eliminated. 

-Temp. screen, symptom check & hand sanitizing upon entrance. Hand sanitizing stations throughout the facility. 

-Dancers encouraged to bring in belongings they only need for class. No outside school bags, food, etc. We will disinfect cubbies that hold outside shoes and coats in-between.

-All floors have been marked out for social distancing, dancers will be encouraged to stay spread out waiting for, during and switching classes. 

-Classrooms have specific entrance & exit doors to help with student flow and separation. 

-Limited hands-on spotting in tumbling (instructors only stepping in to touch if safety is a concern) this will be done after hand sanitizing and making sure the student is comfortable with it. 

-Staff will sanitize all frequently touched surfaces and equipment in-between classes. 

-Hand washing and good hygiene will be encouraged for students and modeled by our staff. 

-Business office will be closed, payments can be made independently online, with easy auto pay or dropped in the payment box by your child when coming in. Parent/teacher communication will either be done quickly at drop off outdoors or through phone call/email.

-Each class will end 5 mins early to prepare for on time dismissal (outside shoes/coats on). Staff will walk kids to parents on sidewalk or to your car. Surfaces sanitized before the next class will be done during this time.

-In Atlantic, our newer building already has an all over air filtration system in place. We now have carbon filters in our AC units.

-1103 Clothing Company (located in our Atlantic studio) will be reserved for shopping customers only. Although you're welcome to shop, this space cannot be used as a waiting area for our dance families. Thank you for respecting our retail business, customers and our employees. 


We cannot stress enough how important honesty is with any symptoms or keeping a child home if they a have been exposed. You could be saving some one's life. 


COVID-19 presents in various symptoms, some so mild that a parent might think allergies are to blame.

Any student with any of the following symptoms must stay home from class: 



-general body aches

-fatigue, weakness, extreme exhaustion

-sneezing, stuffy or runny nose

-sore or scratchy throat


-shortness of breath

-loss of taste and/or smell 

-child has taken pain relievers or fever reducing medication (IBU/Tylenol) within the past 24 hours

-has been closely exposed to Coronavirus within the last 14 days 

-has tested positive for Coronavirus and have not yet been cleared by public health

-has been tested for Coronavirus and has not reached the 14 day quarantine time

-has someone within their immediate household positive for Coronavirus


A simple phone call, message or email notifying the office of a child's absence is recommended, this way instructors do not delay start time waiting on students to arrive. If a child is unwell, symptomatic, been exposed or tested positive, our remote learning will be available if they feel up to participating from home. 


If we notice a child is feeling ill in class or comes down with any of the symptoms above, we will phone parents for early pick up and try to isolate them away from the other students. 


*Audubon Studio Families:

We will closely follow the above procedures with the exception of not having closed circuit TV system to watch your dancer. The company we have purchased the CCTV equipment/program has promised that they will soon offer remote "iOS" recording capabilities that we could bring with us. We will work with families to set up Zoom or FaceTime into class for any quarantined dancer missing more than 2 classes in a row. 

Drop off and pick up will also look different. The basement stairway and the smaller waiting space at the bottom of the steps will be reserved for students only, no adults or outside visitors. This space is where dancers will keep their dance bags/dance shoes and any personal items to relieve needed space inside the classroom for social distancing. We will keep those double doors to the classroom open to help with ventilation as well. Parents are to drop off their student on the sidewalk where staff will help them from the door, down to class. To keep student flow/separation, children will be dismissed through the outside basement door, up the outdoor cement stairway, to the sidewalk on the south/east side of the building. Parents will need to wait on the sidewalk or in their vehicles for dismissed dancers. Instructors or assistants will help escort children to vehicles if needed. Payments can be made online or sent with your child in their dance bag. 


Thank you, Atlantic & Audubon VDC Parents! By integrating our safety plan into our schedule, our goal would never be to seem cold, unfriendly or robotic. We will do all of these efforts in a loving and caring way, keeping things as normal as possible and helping the children realize the importance of caring for others in these simple steps. We will try every effort to not be the source of a community spread outbreak or be careless in any way.  We respect and love our students, families, staff, community and our healthcare workers too much.


To help understand and give you a visual idea of our prevention and safety efforts, we have created a demonstration video on our website www.villadance.com the video will be on our home page. 


Thank you for understanding our desire for safety and for your kindness. 

We Love You!

~VDC Staff